Pie Week – Day 2

Oh my, what a pie!

Well it’s Day 2 of this mighty week of pie, and we’re not ready for savoury just yet! Here’s the recipe for a perfect piece of Pecan Pie. Plus – we’ve added a drop of booze to the equation!

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Pie Week – Day 1

Mmm pie, the humble pie, where would we be without it? In our eyes pie should be a food group, with pie the possibilities are endless; there is the continual debate on whether pies should be sweet or savoury, you can have pie with a lid, without a lid, a striped lid, a criss-cross lid, a lid with a hole in and a bird popping out! You can have healthy pies, naughty pies, diary free pies, gluten free pies, meat pies, vegetarian pies. They can be cased in puff, shortcrust, flakey, filo pastry or even potatoes! Shall I go on? I won’t for now as we do have a whole week to celebrate the worldly loved dish that is the pie!

Today we have apple and raspberry pie, a easy and quick recipe from our copy-writing genius Sarah!


Apples – from the garden if possible, use your local nature’s resources!

Ready made pastry – *hangs head in shame*

Handful of frozen raspberries (can go a bit mushified) or fresh ones

A sprinkling of sugar, brown is best!

How to:

Use a pie tin if possible, if it is non stick just pop a wiping of butter around it to prevent it all sticking! If you are using a standard dish then line bottom with baking paper and butter the sides thoroughly!

Roll your pastry out so it is a few mm’s thick -leave enough to make strips for the lid! Lay it in your dish, gently prodding the pastry into the edge of the pie dis, cut any excess party off at the tops on the sides.

If the pastry has gotten a bit warm pop in fridge for a bit!

Slice apple in thin slices or small-ish chunks (we aren’t technical here!)

Lay apples on the pastry in the tin and add the raspberries.

Sprinkle the sugar onto the fruit.

Lay strips of leftover pasty across the top to make a criss-cross lid, use a fork to press the join onto the side of the pie dish so that it leaves a crinkled effect and joins the pastry solidly!

Paint the top of the pie with some beaten egg and sprinkle a little bit more brown sugar on the top!


Pop it in a hot oven and bake until golden brown! (And pretend to be in the Great British Bake Off by sitting in front of your oven and waiting for it to be ready!)


Image from http://recipes.coles.com.au/recipes/1216/apple-raspberry-pie/ please contact us if you would rather we not use your image and we will remove it immediately.

Happy Strawberry Day Everyone!

It’s Strawberry Day 2015, and while our British strawbs are a while away from being at their juiciest, at FMAG HQ we can’t resist getting excited about everything the plump little strawberry represents (that’s mostly Wimbledon, summer, and cocktails to us lot!).

The summertime countdown begins!

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Saving our Bees

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Chinese New Year – We goat it covered!

Being born in the Year of the Goat might not sound as glamorous as the Dragon or Tiger, but we’ve looked in to it at FMAG, and it turns out, there’s a lot to be said about being born under this baaaa-rilliant zodiac sign!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Happy Gluten Free Pancake Day!

Are you a coeliac or gluten-intolerant and sigh when everyone around you starts raving on about pancakes? Well, stop right there, and turn that frown upside! Just because you can’t eat gluten or dairy, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a pancake today!

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Pancake Day 2015! Fed up of lemon and sugar?

Now we’re not trying to rock the boat too much here! We love a classic pancake as much as the next person. But if you’re looking for a way to make Pancake Day 2015 a little bit more sophisticated, (or just less sugary!), we’ve got some cracking Savoury Pancake Recipes for you to try out before you go all out sugar crazy!

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