The Romantics – Mills and Boon host the Romance Awards

Some may say romance is dead; that we may not see the importance of romance any more with our crazy hectic lives. But are they wrong? There are so many more ways to create romance now and much more exciting romantic gestures than a bunch of flowers (although I still love a bunch of flowers as a gift)! From starlit roof-top cinemas, photoshopped personalised cards, personalised engraved mobile phones covers!! We haven’t even started on the creative proposals that we’ve heard of! Mills and Boon are the classic and modern romantics combined; with their classic romance novels to their modern erotic love stories!
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Celebrate the ‘Vinyl Revival’ this Record Store Day 2015

The Guardian have said “Don’t call it a comeback, because it’s not one”, but that seems like a bit of a pessimistic view on the state of record sales in 2015. This month has seen the launch of the UK’s first weekly vinyl chart, record sales are at their highest in 18 years and a format once dubbed ‘obsolete’ is getting the nation buzzing, as Saturday 18th April is the UK’s 8th Record Store Day. Read more…

Child 44 – It won’t disappoint

In celebration of Child 44 being released today, we wanted to bring to your attention how much of a talented actor Tom Hardy is. Not only is he talented but also very sophisticated and intelligent and beautiful and..sorry, getting carried away.

Set in the Stalin era Soviet Union, Hardy plays Leo Demidov a member of the military police who is investigating a series of child murders. He stars alongside Gary Oldman(The Book of Eli, Lawless) & Noomi Rapace, so it’s sure to be a fantastic watch. If you’ve got a quiet weekend planned, why not hit the cinema and check it out?

Anyway, back to the more serious point at hand, I give to you, Tom Hardy in all his glory


Here he is, doing his thing, lookin’ all cute.

Tom Hardy - Find me a gift

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#SPRING2015 – Gardening Gifts

Tulips and daffodils are blooming, lambs are happily jumping about – yes, #SPRING2015 has certainly sprung and we’ve got a great selection of gardening gifts to get you up and about outdoors too!


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Emma Watson – the Belle of the Ball!

First of all we found out that it’s not only Emma Watson’s birthday today (happy birthday Emma!), but Emma Thompson AND Luke Evans’ birthdays too! So happy birthdays all round to the Beauty and the Beast cast members. Can you imagine what a fun day on set that will be?! Then we heard this morning that clever Emma was voted the #1 Woman in the World by So not too shabby a day for Miss Watson indeed!   Read more…

The SMART Master Bullet Blender, Let’s Drink to Your Good Health!

The SMART Master Bullet Blender is here, and raring to get you feeling slim, trim and fabulously healthy, all in time for the glorious Summer 2015 we’re all counting on!

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The Island – An Ultimate Survival Guide

Bear Grylls got nothin’ on us! 


Here at FMAG HQ we like to think that we’re prepared for the huge disasters that can happen in life. Alien invasion, check. Robots taking over the world, check. Zombie Apocalypses? Pffffff, no problem. If you’ve seen our recent blog post on surviving, then you’ll know we’ve pretty much nailed it, if not, let’s just say it includes a zip wire and our local Tesco.

So when we learned that series 2 of ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ was happening, we started to ponder…what items we would want with us, should we ever be marooned on a desert island?
We survival experts (or so we like to think) from the marketing department called an emergency meeting and discussed what FMAG products we’d grab from the Warehouse should we ever face abandonment on an island – cast away style. Below are the products we thought most important!

1. I’m just going to put this out there; you all know that a bottle of rum is the most fundamental thing we could take right? Or is that just me? Anyway, if we’re going to be stranded, we may as well act like pirates! is perfect for the occasion. With wonderful vanilla and raisin flavours we could all pretend we’re in the Caribbean!

Find Me A Gift - Pirates Grog


Keeping hydrated is really important, so why not do it with some seriously yummy rum? ;)
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