Pie Week – Day 4

Thanks to the lovely ladies in our Marketing department, we’ve seen some fabulous recipes for #pieweek

However; I am here to bring you the daddy of all pies…
A firm classic amongst the British public, this little pie is perfect for all occasions, from watching the football down the pub to enjoying some serious home cooking, mum style. Well, what is it you may ask?

I give to you the comfiest of all comfort food… the humble Steak & Mushroom pie.

Round of applause please

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Pie Week – Day 3 Paleo Style

Well we are thoroughly enjoying Pie Week! Are you? So far we have given you 2 sweet pies, but we thought we should even things up a bit as our office are split along with the whole nation as to whether sweet or savoury pies are the best (or a necessity!) We also know the importance of pies still being accessible/edible to those of us on special diets or who have intolerances, and have no fear pies CAN still be  apart of your life! Today we are bringing you a Paleo Chicken American style Pot Pie recipe, initially found on health-bent I(Rhian) have baked this before and love it! I am not a fully fledged Paleo dieter but I do use a lot of their recipes, ingredients and I love their theory behind food and eating! I am also lactose free so the Paleo diet is always very appealing.

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#MothersDayGifts – Inspiration for Ladies who love to bake!

Mothering Sunday is nearly upon us, so if you’re looking for some #MothersDayGifts to say a heartfelt ‘thank you for everything’ to your much loved mum, then you might just find them right here….

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Pie Week – Day 2

Oh my, what a pie!

Well it’s Day 2 of this mighty week of pie, and we’re not ready for savoury just yet! Here’s the recipe for a perfect piece of Pecan Pie. Plus – we’ve added a drop of booze to the equation!

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Pie Week – Day 1

Mmm pie, the humble pie, where would we be without it? In our eyes pie should be a food group, with pie the possibilities are endless; there is the continual debate on whether pies should be sweet or savoury, you can have pie with a lid, without a lid, a striped lid, a criss-cross lid, a lid with a hole in and a bird popping out! You can have healthy pies, naughty pies, diary free pies, gluten free pies, meat pies, vegetarian pies. They can be cased in puff, shortcrust, flakey, filo pastry or even potatoes! Shall I go on? I won’t for now as we do have a whole week to celebrate the worldly loved dish that is the pie!

Today we have apple and raspberry pie, a easy and quick recipe from our copy-writing genius Sarah!

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Happy Strawberry Day Everyone!

It’s Strawberry Day 2015, and while our British strawbs are a while away from being at their juiciest, at FMAG HQ we can’t resist getting excited about everything the plump little strawberry represents (that’s mostly Wimbledon, summer, and cocktails to us lot!).

The summertime countdown begins!

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Saving our Bees

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