Valentines Day Gifts for Her

If you’re in a relationship then February 14th is date that should be on your calendar, even if it’s just the one day you say ‘I love you’ to your significant other half! But if you’re looking for something a bit more to show the woman in your life how much she means to you, then forget the usual chocolates and flowers, why not take a look at our Valentines Day Gifts for Her guide. Here we have carefully hand picked some of our best gifts that we’re sure she’d love to receive on this romance filled day – along with those 3 important words…’I Love You’ from your lips too!

So go on, make her feel special with a gift specially selected, and given with love by you!

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Blooming Bath Flower- Product highlight

The Blooming Bath Flower is handmade from super soft and cuddly materials, their petals hug any sink to make bath time a fun, safe and comfy experience for  your adorable, precious bundle of joy. Allowing the baby to lie within the petals during a bath allows you to have 2 free hands whilst bathing them, which can make the whole bath time experience a lot less stressful and hassle-free for you!

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Dress Your Pet Up Day!

Yippee, it’s National Dress Your Pet Up Day today…in America! Ah yes, it may sound like another random day, but hey, this one we think is worth celebrating, because we love any excuse to bring you cute and funny pictures of animals, and besides, who doesn’t love seeing an adorable pet in fancy dress? So, in honour of this day we have trawled tirelessly through the intra-webs (it was a tough, but we managed it)  to find some fabulous pictures of pets all wonderfully dressed up!

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FMAG Fitness Gadgets & Accessories

Every January millions of people vow to get fit. But looking after your body is something you can start at any time of the year. Maybe you already have a fitness regime in place? Whether you’re looking to shed a few Christmas pounds, change your lifestyle or continue your regular routine of exercise and healthy eating we’ve got a few fitness gadgets that can help you keep it on track!

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New Years Resolutions – are they worth making?!

It’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to the past and look ahead to a new year full of promise. Time for a new start, to perhaps try and do things we said we were going to do the year before, but never quite got round to doing them, to set new goals……in other words…time to make some good old New Years Resolutions! But are they worth making?

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Host a New Years Eve Party – Last minute tips!

We’ve all left things to the last minute before and having just survived eating and drinking through Christmas, there are a few who are probably regretting planning a New Years Eve Party – myself included! So I have pulled together some top tips into this one super helpful post for you to use as your “it’s only a day away” bible!!
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Get Set For Christmas – Stocking Fillers for Girls

For our last installment of #GetSetForChristmas we are bringing you a gift guide for stocking fillers for girls, there is still time to shop with us little elves and what to put into a little girls stocking from Santa is very important and a crucial component into how the rest of Christmas day is going to pan out!! Enjoy and have an amazing Christmas!!

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